Job prospects

We support our athletes beyond their time at the boarding school!
Job, apprenticeship, degree course, accommodation: we have an impressive network of contacts

The hsb has maintained excellent contacts with companies, the Baden-Württemberg Coopera-tive State University in Heidenheim (DHWB), further higher education institutions and uni-versities. These offer us excellent preconditions to assist with the procurement of apprentice-ships or places at university. Moreover, we provide support to young people taking a gap year to do voluntary work or an internship in the field of sport.
As everywhere, suitable ac-commodation in Heidenheim is in high demand. Here too the boarding school is well-posi-tioned to help out with the renting of accommodation.

Our network is very extensive. Both our athletes and our network partners should benefit from this.

Heidenheim is located in one of Germany's most economically strong regions

The Ostwürttemberg Chamber of Commerce and the Employment Agency in Aalen work in close partnership with the sports boarding school and the hsb in order to enable our athletes to have a secure future.

Aims of the hsb sports boarding school

Promotion of as smooth a transition from school to a job or a degree course as possible along-side competitive sport.

Beste berufliche Aussichten

Henri Breker

hsb 1846 e.V. squad fencer

The network of the sports boarding school and the fencing centre in Heidenheim is a superb opportunity for me to combine my ambitions as both a competitive athlete and a possible stu-dent of industrial engineering at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Hei-denheim (DHWB). This partnership enables me early on to enjoy an exchange with the part-ner companies in order to jointly sound out how to coordinate and complement a demanding degree course with my training and competition times in an optimal manner.