Partnerships with elite sports schools

Heidenheim's educational landscape offers a wide variety of types of school with different specialised directions. Both G8 (8-year high school) and G9 (9-year high school) are possible.


The sports boarding school works together in a unique form of partnership with 6 schools – ranging from a special school, to a secondary school to a high school. It goes without saying that schools outside our partnerships can also be attended.

Additional tuition

Should lessons be missed owing to sporting events, these will be made up. This will take place in consultation with and via the school.

Homework supervision and assistance

Homework supervision and assistance, private tuition and preparation for class tests are pro-vided by in-house teaching staff.


All schools are within a 5–15 minute walk from the boarding school.

Academic feedback

Every 6 – 8 weeks, talks are held between boarding school staff and the individual schools. This makes it possible to act in a timely manner in given situations.

Attendance at parent evenings

Individual parent evenings can be attended on parents' behalf. In this way, parents are re-lieved, owing either to scheduling difficulties or for logistical reasons which prevent them from attending personally.